Amanda Larner, NCS, ISC

Founder / Owner

Amanda Larner, founder and owner of Tiny Treasures Newborn Care and Consulting is a highly sought after newborn care specialist and pediatric sleep coach! Amanda was born and raised in Southern California and in 2016, she brought her 

lifelong dream to fruition by starting Tiny 

Treasures Newborn Care and Consulting. While her business is based in Los Angeles, Amanda travels and serves clients all over the United States. She offers her services both in person and remotely. 

Amanda started her career working with newborns and young children over 19 years ago. In the past, she has worked as a preschool teacher, daycare provider and as a career nanny. Today, Amanda is a leading sleep specialist in her field.. She uses her education and experience to help families to solve their little ones sleep problems andpromote healthy, life long sleep habits. 

Amanda specializes in working with 

multiples, she has worked with dozens of sets of twins and triplets.












Amanda is passionate about providing each and every family she serves with 

quality care, emotional support, evidence 

based information, and innovative solutionstoo many of life's parenting struggles. Amanda's nurturing and loving nature, 

bring a sense of calm and comfort to the families she serves. 


Amanda puts a high value on education and feels it's crucial to be able to provide her clients with the latest and most up to date research and information. She attends several trainings and conferences each year, and frequently networks with other professionals in her field. Amanda is a member of the International Nanny Association and has an extensive list of 

credentials, see below;


Newborn Care Specialist

Pediatric Sleep Coach

Postpartum Doula

Happiest Baby On The Block Educator

IMC:Infant Massage Instructor

Lactation Educator

Infant Mental Health

Safe Sleep Ambassador

Early Childhood Education & Development

CPR & First Aid


I am writing this letter as a strong reference for Amanda Larner and Tiny Treasures Newborn Care and Consulting.  Amanda is truly incredible.  As a single dad,  I was venturing into this whole world of babies completely blind.  I had never even changed a diaper before.! Her knowledge of newborn care is both extensive and incredibly current. I learned about the magic of white noise machines, all the different sleep outfits from the swaddle to the Magic Merlin to the sleep sack and a whole bunch of ways to do tummy time in a way that makes my kid not even know he is doing tummy time!  The most important thing however was Amanda's ability to find an eating and sleeping schedule that worked for my son and constantly evolve and tweak the schedule as the weeks passed by based on his particular needs. At 8 weeks old he was already sleeping through the night.  People are constantly telling me how lucky I am to have such a happy low maintenance baby.  I tell them its not luck,  its all thanks to Amanda and her training.  I highly recommend her! 

—  David P.


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