Overnight Support

Newborn Care Specialist

Through loving care, nurturing advice and hands on help and support, Tiny Treasures Newborn Care can help make this special time in your life, a little less stressful. Tiny Treasures Newborn Care is able to assist you with any number of challenges and answer questions faced during this beautiful new stage in your life.

 Services Included;

  • Help you to gain confidence in caring for your new baby.

  • Assistance with breastfeeding or bottle-feeding

  • Help to create a schedule/routine that meets the needs of your whole family

  • Help in establishing healthy sleep habits for your infant

  • Help with diaper changing, bathing, dressing and feeding

  • Provide information on soothing techniques and swaddling
  • Provide support for families who have babies with colic or reflux
  • Provide you with a chance to get some much needed rest 

  • And MUCH more

Tiny Treasures Newborn Care's goal is to make the transition from your babies birth though the first few weeks/months of their life more peaceful and relaxed for the entire family. Along with helping you to become more comfortable with your ability to care for your new baby. Please don't hesitate, contact Tiny Treasures Newborn Care today.

Sleep Coaching 

Tiny Treasures Newborn Care, is able provide sleep training consultations for families of infants/children who are struggling to develop healthy sleep habits.  Whether you live near or far, Tiny Treasures can help you to establish healthy sleep habits for your son/daughter. Tiny Treasures will provide you with a 1 hour sleep consultation either in your home or via Skype/Facetime.  Tiny Treasure will then create a personalized sleep plan for your family and provide you with an easy to follow, step by step plan, for nights and naps. A plan that is tailored to fit your child's needs and one that you, the parent, will easily be able to implement.

Sleep Trainer (4+Months)


In becoming parents, you try hard to prepare for everything that comes with adding a tiny new treasure to your home.  While there is a lot you can do to prepare, one thing most parents aren't prepared for is the lack of sleep and the effects it can take on your body and home. While falling asleep may seem like the easiest thing to you and me, sleeping is something most infants/children need to learn how to do.  Many parents believe that they can bypass this learning process all together and that their child will eventually come to an age where it will just "happen".  Unfortunately for most children, this is not the case.

Tiny Treasures Newborn Care, is able to help you get your baby/child on a healthy sleep routine. Tiny Treasures will come to your home and help you to assess and understand your child’s sleeping habits. Tiny Treasure will then create a customized sleep plan for your son/daughter and help you to implement it. During the sleep training process, your child will learn how to fall asleep without the use of parents/caregivers or props and how to get back to sleep, if they are awakened during the night.

This is a more hands on approach to sleep training. One where you the parent will be able to take a step back and have a qualified professional come to your home to help you and your child, every step of the way!


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